A Dalyellup teenager has called for the community to donate spare or unwanted fabrics so she can create a multitude of reusable shopping bags.

Erin Ringrose launched the Boomerang Bags initiative in Dalyellup last week after being inspired by the Bunbury operation.

“Boomerang Bags is a well established group with 806 communities worldwide,” she said.

“I was inspired by Beth and Shannon from the Bunbury group at the recent sustainability summit.

“I’m very passionate about sustainability and I think it’s important.”

A collection point has been setup within the Dalyellup library for community members to donate their unwanted fabrics, just metres from the Community Cupboard from which the finished bags will be distributed.

To help get her idea off the ground, Erin reached out to the Dalyellup Collective to help promote the concept.

“She came to the last meeting we had and it was lovely because we usually have older people and it was nice to get some fresh ideas from the youth to say what we can do about improving our planet,” chairwoman Lisa O’Neill said.

“It’s not only about the sustainability of reusing bags, its about the connection that people make together.”

Erin said she would be looking for venues in the coming weeks to host community sewing days for people to attend and play their part in protecting the environment.

“We should have a small supply by the new year,” she said.

“Even if we can’t host a public sewing bee, I’ll get some made to put out.”