The Bunbury Salvation Army will launch its new community laundry and shower facilities tomorrow after more than a year of fundraising and planning.

Despite not being officially opened until tomorrow, the new facilities have already found favour within the community and have been put to good use.

Regional captain Mark Schatz said all of the materials and appliances within the facility were sourced and installed by various local businesses, all free of charge.

“This is a real community effort,” he said.

“It is operational right now, but at the grand opening, we’re really going to celebrate the fact we now have this facility for those who need it the most.”

Homelessness specialist John Sproule added the facilities were not exclusive to Bunbury’s homeless population, but open to low income families and individuals who may not be able to afford a new washing machine or hot water unit.

“By providing this service, we can then educate people to save money to buy another washing machine or whatever so they don’t have to go down the laundromat and cost them $20 a week,” he said.

“That $20 a week could help them to buy another machine.”

The opening of the community laundry and shower will be held at the Salvation Army Bunbury barracks on Timperley Road tomorrow from 2pm with the facilities open for use on weekdays during office hours.