Secondary design and technology students at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar started off the school year with a new tool that allows them to work bigger projects with ethically sourced quality woods

Technology teacher Josh Jones came up with the idea of purchasing a mill for the school as a way to lower costs and make the most of the materials on campus.

“Some of the trees on campus were too close to the buildings and had to come down,” Mr Jones said.

“To make better use of the surplus wood, the school purchased a mill last year.”

The school’s technical officer Sean Hensberg said the purchase of the mill was paid off within the first year.

“The school would generally spend around $5000 on timber a year,” Mr Hensberg said.

“It seemed like a smart idea for us to recycle what we already have on hand here at the school rather than purchase additional wood for use which can be quite costly.”

Mr Hensberg said that since purchasing the $9000 mill, the school has been able to slab $2000 worth of timber so far.

“The mill has fostered in students a better understanding of ethical forestry and an appreciation for the materials they work with.”

The school is also looking at utilising the secondary student’s skills to refurbish primary furniture.