Mayor Gary Brennan remains adamant the Annual Meeting of Electors is outdated, despite a healthier than normal turnout on Tuesday night.

A crowd of more than 30 packed the City of Bunbury Function Room for the meeting when ratepayers and residents were given the chance to put their own motions forward and ask questions.

Bunbury’s history, the recently revealed plans for a water splash park, Boulters Heights and the city’s Olympic and World Champion athletes were all in focus at the meeting, but Mr Brennan again reiterated that the community did not need to wait for the once-a-year meeting to put their matters forward.

“It was a larger turnout than normal and it’s good to see people coming along to attend those meetings,” Mr Brennan said.

“Again I say, it’s not necessary because there are other options and great opportunities throughout the year for people to bring suggestions to the city council and also to ask questions at council meetings.

“Every fortnight at every council meeting there’s an opportunity for people to ask those questions and they don’t have to wait for council meetings they can ring me anytime or contact an elected member at any time and just seek clarification around any matter.

“I encourage the general community to do that, which many do.”

Despite Mr Brennan’s opposition to the meeting, the two motions put forward were supported unanimously by electors.

Resident Marina Quain successfully requested Bunbury City Council establish a registration system of the city’s national sporting representatives, while resident Bernhard Bischoff got support for a round table discussion about Sir James Stirling and his significant work into Bunbury’s history.

“They’re all good suggestions, the officers now will prepare recommendations to a future council meeting probably in January or early February for council to consider those resolutions,” Mr Brennan said.