It has become increasingly apparent over the course of the past week there are plenty of people willing to fight for Collie’s survival.

In the week since the South Western Times’ front page “Save Our Town” article, we have been inundated with people and groups wanting to offer their take on the problem and its possible solutions.

There is no doubt that people from all sides of the discussion want what is best for the town.

There is also little doubt work is being done behind the scenes and that is increasingly coming to the fore.

As the issues facing the town largely concern levels of certainty it is important there is as much clarity and information provided to the community as possible.

For well over a century coal has been a certainty at the centre of industry in Collie.

It is understandable that any talks about removing that certainty will send ripples of anxiety through the town’s community and economy.

It is also understandable there are talks about shifting away from a reliance on coal, or any one particular industry, as the town has already been at risk of being caught with all its eggs in one basket.

Underlying it all is a need to attract more families to embrace the opportunity to live in a picturesque and clean South West town.

Here it becomes complicated as the question need to be asked as to what comes first: more families which creates a more diverse community and opportunities or more diverse opportunities which attracts more families?

It is important these ideas coming out of Collie form part of the discussion going forward and the State Government is well represented to take notice at the next community meeting due to be held in March.