Two men spent much of Father’s Day at St John of God Hospital in Geraldton as their babies were born on Sunday, September 1.

Dave Ruscoe of Beachlands said he and his partner Abbey Suckling were cooking a roast when her contractions started.

“We cooked the roast, got to eat it and then we went to hospital. The timing was pretty good,” he said.

He said he felt relieved his daughter Marnie Ruscoe had come so easily.

Greenough resident Julian Webb said he did not remember when contractions started for his partner Kym Jefferies.

“It happened so slowly and gradually we weren’t sure they were contractions for a long time,” he said.

“We first went into the hospital about 8am and got sent back home.

“We went back at about 2pm and we were done by about quarter past seven.”

He said it felt wonderful to have his son, Sunny Webb, born on Father’s Day.