Mental health and illness is not scary and more common than people may think.

That is according to Pathways South West manager of services, quality and NDIS Steve Blackwell, who said the more people talked and opened up about mental health, the more normalised it would become.

This Mental Health Week, Mr Blackwell and representatives from other health services in Bunbury have been out and about to get people taking about mental health.

“People don’t know the background to mental health and what causes problems… in movies, books and TV it’s often demonised,” Mr Blackwell said.

“People are happy to talk about depression and anxiety because everyone has a bit of that, it’s very common, but people aren’t happy to talk about schizophrenia, or bipolar, personality disorders because they’re not common and can be frightening.

“This week is important because it’s breaking down that stigma around mental health… talking about it more is key.”

Throughout the week a series of events and activities have taken place around Bunbury including the think mental health pop-up resource booth.

At the booth people can find a bag full of information and contacts to every support service around Bunbury, as well as a friendly face to talk to.

Today the van will be situated at the Big Swamp Park from 1pm-3pm.