Jude + Pablo chat about their goals for 2017...


Today Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar joined Pablo on the show

to explain how giving up the white powder has changed her life.

More info: www.iquitsugar.com

Jennie Sager joins us to chat Twitter 2016 + what trended this year in Australia

Peter FitzSimons joined Pablo to discuss his journey to loosing over 45kg just by quitting sugar + booz.

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Check out all the amazing food donated during our Foodbank WA Charity Drive!!

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Today comedian Akmal Saleh joined Pablo on the show!


He's performing in Karratha for the City of Karratha Red Earth Arts Festival this month.


More info: http://tinyurl.com/zppycdd


Last week Hit 105 Brisbane took Pablo + Angie's World Record for most amount

of steps while hosting a radio show in 1 hour. 

The Karratha team tried to reclaim the record this morning....



Radio Info also featured the story. >>Click Here<< for more!