No-one offers WA regional radio, and in particular, mining radio, like Redwave Media.

Stretching from one end of rural Western Australia to the other, Redwave Media’s regional advertising solutions reach 300,000 people via one convenient point of contact, making us the number one marketing choice for regional WA.

Our regional radio networks reach 100 remote towns and minesites and everywhere in between, entertaining locals and fly in, fly out (FIFO) workers with everything from music, news, fun, contests, weather, road conditions and emergency information.


  • • From 5.30am-5pm, our regional radio is the number one consumed media in regional WA. That’s twice the regional advertising audience of TV, newspaper and magazines!
  • • Our weekday breakfast regional radio show is ranked ABOVE major newspapers such as The Sunday Times and The West Australian.
  • • Want flexible regional radio? Our regional advertising solutions can target specific regions and towns, ensuring a maximum regional advertising return on investment.
  • • REDFM regional radio communicates directly to over 29,000 fly in, fly out (FIFO) workers in WA, offering regional advertising solutions on a mining radio service that speaks directly to that highly lucrative FIFO market.
  • • Redwave’s regional advertising speaks to audiences one-on-one, providing any creative solution you require, from an intimate conversation to cutting-edge theatre of the mind.


  • • Redwave Media’s regional radio is your key to reaching one of the best performing regional economies in the world.
  • • Imagine your regional advertising message broadcasting from Broome in the north to Albany in the south, reaching a high-socio economic landscape with the lowest unemployment rates out of all mainland states.
  • • More than just mining radio, Redwave Media benefits from WA’s other vast and profitable industry sectors such as agriculture and tourism.

WA is rich in natural resources, providing 70% of Australia’s gold plus iron ore, gas, nickel, etc. The resource sector continues to prosper, with 10-20% annual growth, further increasing our regional radio audience.

WA’s fly in, fly out (FIFO) population is also booming, with 58,000 additional workers expected by 2020.  REDFM’s mining radio service broadcasts directly to this extremely lucrative fly in, fly out FIFO market.

More than just FIFO workers, the mining boom wealth flows on across the state, resulting in high disposable incomes and a thriving retail environment. The Spirit regional radio services deliver regional advertising solutions to areas benefiting from the growth and wealth of the mining boom.