Port Hedland is located over 1,600km north of Perth via the Great Northern Highway or 1,761km via the North West Coastal Highway. Port Hedland is an important regional centre in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia.


Port Hedland is an industrial centre that revolves around the mining and shipping of iron ore – the port is one of the largest iron ore ports in Australia. The town is totally committed to the extraction, processing and exporting of iron ore. An iron ore crushing mill is located at Nelson Point.


The satellite town of South Hedland (18 km inland) was established due to a shortage of land above cyclonic storm surge levels adjacent to the original town site. It used to possess the state’s largest shopping complex outside the Perth metropolitan area. South Hedland is a modern centre and at the moment it houses the majority of the area’s inhabitants.


Spirit offices are located on Court Place, South Hedland.


In comparison to the 2006 census, the population within the radio licence area of Port Hedland has increased by 31.7% to 30,840. Port Hedland has a very young population; 63% of the population is aged less than 40 years.


The birthplace for 68.6% of the population was Oceania including Australian, New Zealander, Indigenous and Islander persons. 4,562 people (14.8%) were attending an educational institution in 2011, with 7.8% in infants or primary, 3.2% attending a secondary educational institution, 2.1% attending TAFE and 1.7% attending university or another tertiary institution.


Of 10,289 people (33.3%) who already have a tertiary qualification, 8.8% have a degree and 24.5% have a certificate, diploma or another tertiary qualification. 


Of the total dwellings (8,029) in the Port Hedland radio licence area, 13.9% are owned outright and 20.1% are mortgaged. Private rental properties represent 45.2% of total dwellings. 


With a large mining industry in the area, incomes in Port Hedland are generally higher than average. 14% of the total households have a household income range between $65,400-$104,000pa, 23% between $104,000-$156,000pa and 23% earn over $156,000+pa