Talking Money

Paul Clitheroe is widely regarded as one of the media industry's best Money Management and Finance gurus. His ability to break down the complex and daunting into simple and straight forward advice has drawn widespread acclaim. Every weekday after 8am during Breakfast.


Money Tips

As if Talking Money wasn't helpful enough, Paul Clitheroe gives straight forward recommendations for - Investments, Superannuation, Savings, Taxes, it's all there. Weekdays after 9:40am


Youth Sports Star

Have you got a "Michael Clarke" cricketer in your family? Or maybe you know a junior "Liesel Jones" in the pool? Whatever the sport, if you've seen a junior superstar in Hedland it's time to nominate them for the Youth Sports Star of the Month.


Tide Times

The all important tides for one of the world's biggest shipping ports - updated each weekday at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30am during breakfast


Your Day by the Stars

Everyone wants to know what the planets have in store for them on a daily basis.  Researched by renowned astrologer Bec Star, "The Daily Star Guide" forecast your listener's day by the stars.


Police Beat

Tuesday's after 10 one of Hedland's finest will be in to talk about the week that was, what's coming up and also answer any of your questions.


80's Lunch Roll at Midday

Put on your fluoro top or that skinny tie and enjoy an hour of the best of the 80's every weekday between 12 and 1pm. All the biggest artists as well as the one hit wonders from the fab decade that was the 80's! Proudly sponsored by the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce.


The Resources Report

Join Nick Wharton for the Spirit Resources Report every weekday morning and afternoon. It’s the best way to keep on top of all the movement in the Resources Industry.


The Agriculture Update 

Weekdays after 1 join Nick Wharton for the Agriculture Update


The Spirit Party

The Friday and Saturday Spirit Party is the best way to start your night out, playing the very best party songs from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s!


Saturday Sports Show

Every Saturday Morning from 8-11am join Dave for the Saturday Sports Show. Keep up to speed on local sports news as he chats with local sporting gurus China, Troy Melville, George Daccache and many more! Covering everything from Baseball, Basketball, Footy, Running, Golf, Softball, Touch and heaps more!