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Breakfast with TJ

Born in WA heartland, Kalgoorlie Boulder, TJ moved to Broome with his family before he could walk, grew up their with his 3 brothers and went to Cable Beach Primary.

In more recent times he went to Perth to study Radio Broadcasting in Leederville where he realised he could talk as much as he wanted into a microphone with the chance of someone actually listening to him.

As fate would have it, the first job in the radio industry to appear on the radar of the aspiring personality was in his hometown of Broome and he jumped at the opportunity to develop his skills in front of a live home crowd.


As far as what to expect on his first Breakfast show, TJ was quoted in early 2017 saying “I just want to have some fun and bring as much local content to the table as possible, not many people get this opportunity to come home and talk to the people that know me best. So I’ll do the righty by them and do my best”