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Breakfast with Angie

Breakfast with Angie is as bright and breezy as she is! Great music mixed with local content and entertaining but thought provoking take on life is what you can expect from her show.

A traveler at heart, Angie was born in Cairns QLD and has lived in Canberra, Perth, London, Sri Lanka, Guernsey, Scotland, Greece, Ireland, Sydney and Karratha. After finishing her journo degree in Perth she followed her feet across the globe. From hosting a drive radio show in Sri Lanka to working on a field research out post in Greece conducting sea turtle conservation research, adventure is in her blood.

A self-confessed ocean addict who’s new year resolution was to spend all her money on concert tickets, tune into Breakfast with Angie and there’ll never be dull moment.

Of all the places she’s lived, Angie happily calls WA her home now and is proud to wake up a state with unimaginably beauty and absolutely local legends throughout.