Remote WA Feature Segments

80's Lunchroll

Put on your fluoro top or that skinny tie and enjoy an hour of the best of the 80's every weekday between 12 and 1pm. All the biggest artists as well as the one hit wonders from the fab decade that was the 80's!

The Resources Report

Join Troy Stockden for the Spirit Resources Report every weekday morning and afternoon. It’s the best way to keep on top of all the movement in the Resources Industry.

The Spirit Party

The Friday and Saturday Spirit Party is the best way to start your night out, playing the very best party songs from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s!

The Week That Was

Every Friday Justin catches up with Channel 9 news anchor Tim McMillan to run through the biggest and most interesting news stories from the past week, it’s more than just the news story, listen for their opinions on the week that was. You can catch Tim, 6pm weeknights on 9 news in Perth and across WA on the WIN TV Network.

• Mon to Thur at 5.40am & 6.40pm
• Fri at 5.40am

Behind the Wheel is a daily radio segment which aims to keep listeners informed on cars and motoring. The segment, hosted by Joel Helmes, features new car reviews, interesting car news, and road safety, and motoring tips. You can find more info on cars and motoring at the Behind the Wheel website www.behindthewheel.com.au



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