Southwest Feature Segments

Your Day by the Stars

We swish the tea leaves around 7.10 every weekday morning.

Everyone wants to know what the planets have in store for them on a daily basis.  Researched by renowned astrologer Bec Star, "The Daily Star Guide" forecast your listener's day by the stars.


Dillo’s Morning Quickie

Starting at $100 and jackpotting $20 per day, we play a grab from a song we play on Spirit 621. Guess the correct song title AND artist to win the cash! We do it just after 7am, thanks to  Harvey Australind Health and Community Care.

Birthday Book

Thanks to Bunbury Flower Place on Spencer Street. We celebrate local birthdays, and celebrity birthdays around 8.10am weekdays. To make someone’s day, and put yourself in the running for a voucher to spend at The Flower Place, send us a birthday call for someone you know. bunbury@spiritradio.com.au

Road Runner

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as to the location of the big Ssangyong White Thunder, visiting local sponsors and giving away the best assortment of freebies. It could be anywhere … anytime! Thanks to Western All Pest Services.

Multanova Locations

In the interest of saving lives, Spirit 621, in conjunction with local police and Warwick Welding, bring you daily locations of speed cameras, approximately 15 mins past the hour between 6 and 9am .

Shiny Shiny

Thanks to Dr Auto Sparkle, a mobile detailer who keeps the White Thunder nice and clean, listen out for the grab from the Haysi Fantaysee song, then call 1800 050 410 to register for our fortnightly draw for a free car detail! Certainly beats doing it yourself!

• Mon to Thur at 5.40am & 6.40pm
• Fri at 5.40am

Behind the Wheel is a daily radio segment which aims to keep listeners informed on cars and motoring. The segment, hosted by Joel Helmes, features new car reviews, interesting car news, and road safety, and motoring tips. You can find more info on cars and motoring at the Behind the Wheel website www.behindthewheel.com.au

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