Dillo and the team at Spirit 621 decided to do things very differently, right from the start. South west radio stations have always had breakfast ‘duos’ who seem to feel compelled to talk, talk, talk. We decided to take a different tack. Just Dillo, a locally born and bred guy, on his own, keeping the music coming.
“I just felt that our competitors spent too much time talking about what they watched on TV last night or focusing on mindless talk topics”, says Dillo. “We’ve got a great mix of music covering a variety of tastes. Why not play as much of it as we can? That’s my aim every single breakfast shift.” 
This is not to say we don’t have a laugh and touch on things that are relevant to our audience, but our focus has been and always will be “A more music way to start your day”!
Dillo also pointed out that “We like to think we have the best competitions and giveaways too, because … let’s face it … people LOVE winning free stuff!”

Ash Dillo

If you could be anyone else for a week, who would you be and why? Has Christina Hendricks got a man in her life?! If so, him! If not, I'd settle to be her dog or cat.
What's the first thing you'd do if you won? Crack a beer!
Last book you read? Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen. (Sad but true)
Boxers or briefs? Briefs. Value packs of "Seven Days in Rio" are generally 'the go'!


Listen to Dillo for breakfast every weekday morning to hear local and national news and weather, the fuel prices, what's happening in the community, who's having a birthday, your daily stars, where the multi-nova's are, win the cash if you can pick the MORNING QUICKIE and find out where Farah is in the SSANYONG WHITE THUNDER giving away the good stuff and don't forget to enter LET THEM EAT CAKE, listen to find out how!!!

We also have Job Swap Tuesday happening at the moment, with Dillo heading out and about to local businesses every Tuesday and a member of each participating business coming into the studio to have a go at Dillo's job!!! Lots of fun being had so far. Dillo has been a baby photographer, apple picker, car tinter, and a VET!!!!!!