A South Bunbury pensioner wants people who hunt through kerbside collections to take more care.

Chris Searle said he was frustrated that “vultures” had scattered his carefully stacked verge collection a day after he had placed it on his kerb.

“I have no problem with people going through the collection and seeing if there is anything they want,” he said.

“What annoys me is when they go through the stuff and leave it lying all over the footpath.

“What happens if someone is walking along the footpath and they trip over something? Will I be liable for someone’s injury?”

Mr Searle said it was difficult for him to move some of the heavier items he had put in the collection.

“I have problems with my back and that makes it harder to bend down and pick things up,” he said.

“I just want people to take more care and leave the collection neat and tidy after they have gone through it.”