It was a “‘bowser” of a brew which won over all five judges at Froth Craft in Exmouth last weekend, leading to a unanimous decision to crown Perth-based Peter Bennington champion of the first annual home-brew competition.

Mr Bennington’s bowser American pale ale was head and shoulders above the competition, comfortably beating 13 entrants in the event.

The winning beer will now be brewed on site at Froth Craft to go on sale to the public.

Mr Bennington found out he had won when he received a call from Froth head brewer Tyler Little.

“That’s great they gave me the thumbs up, that is awesome,” he said.

“Thanks to all the judges.”

Other highly commended brews included the sole light strength entrant, a citra pale ale, and a coconut and lemon-infused specialty beer.

Mr Little said the competition was not just about giving someone a chance to brew their beer in a brewery.

“Peter may even be able to teach me something. That is the cool thing about brewing, it is such a broad subject where we can all learn from each other,” he said.

“I think the brewers here really appreciated tonight and it gives a bit of a community feel and respect for each other.

“Now we just need to get him up here for a vacation, go fishing, drink and brew some beers.”

Mr Little said there was no doubt he would be holding the competition every year.