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Jessica Tregear is officially the Gossip Queen for Breakfast with Pablo on Spirit 1260. Her love of gossip and the fact that she was born with an OK magazine in her hand means she is well up to the job. Unfortunately this husky voiced Melbournian first crush was with Arron Carter. Yes not even Nick?! Her lack of judgement was obvious growing up as she mmm bopped away as boy teen band Hanson were her favorite band back in her childhood.
Her first childhood memory consists of purchasing fake nails every weekend and struggling to glue them onto her tiny fingers. She loved dressing up in her mums jewels and high heels as she clearly wanted to grow up quick. And Glamorous.
Jess can’t live without baths, sugar, her mum , dreams , adventures , sun , fun, best mates , family and fashion….oh and gossip. The very first CD she ever bought was a Kylie Minogue hit. You can often catch her watching trashy reality tv on the couch with friends eating Asian cuisine and Thai takeout. As far as celebrities she’d like to get to know better Jess feels that “Channing Tatum is a very good looking man.“
Last day on earth she’d “Try and visit most of the world. An hour in 24 countries sounds like a serious adventure!” and on a serious note if she was the commander of the universe she’d “Give the innocent a fair go. Everyone deserves a beginning.. Seeing babies and people who don't have a say in the matter struggle upsets me.”
If she could have her ultimate dinner party she’d want a table surrounded by the likes of  Oprah or Meryl Streep.
This little tacker growing up wanted to be “On Telly! I couldn't stop talking and I still haven’t.”
Yes, Pablo can definitely testify to that. 

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