Sexy, Charismatic, Irresistible, all words used to describe this man. Unfortunately they were all suggested by him!??Brady joined the Spirit Family in August 2011. Leaving Adelaide, his friends and family, girlfriend and a promising modelling career behind to take over the Geraldton airwaves.??Join him each weekday from 6 for the Spirit Breakfast Show. There’s heaps of laughs and all the latest on what’s making news locally and around the world. Plus he gives away almost anything he can find in the Spirit Office that isn’t bolted down! This explains why we no longer have a work fridge…


Brady is also believed to have ranked in the top 5000 “Most Handsome Men of Australian Radio Awards”, an impressive 3 years in a row.
Favourite Music?  “Would you ask someone to pick their favourite child?”
What do you do in your spare time? “Is wine a suitable answer? Otherwise napping and making excuses for not going to the gym”
Guilty pleasure? Ignoring the warning label and putting cotton buds in my ears, seriously how good does that feel?

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