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Hedland Xword

Do you consider yourself a “Crossword Master?” Well this is the competition for you!

It could be the easiest $5000 you’ll ever win!

Collected the Xwod in the North West Telegraph and listen to Spirit 1026 for the puzzle clues between Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 to Monday May 22nd.

The Xword will be uploaded below each week, so make sure you keep checking the website.

The winner will be announced May 30 and also printed in the North West Telegraph May 31!

Wednesday May 3


1. ?
2. Name the new Boost Juice smoothie. (4, 4, 8)
3. ?
4. Name the new auto accessories shop at South Hedland Square (7)
5. What service does Barmelco in Wedgefield provide. (10)
6. ?
7. ?
8. Name the street Carpet Court are moving to in Wedgefield (10)

1. The Landing is located opposite what? (7)
2. Who is your local Fujitsu air-conditioner specialists located in Wedgefield? (17)
3. ?
4. ?
5. Name the new dive shop opposite the Port Hedland boating ramp. (1,1,6)
6. The main colour in the Ray White logo. (6)
7. ?
8. Automotive Maintenance Solutions is located on what street in Wedgefield (6)
9. Comfort Style furniture can be purchased at this iconic Port Hedland store on Anderson St, Hedland ¬_(8)
10. ?
11. Name the new tattoo studio in South Hedland, Hunt Street ¬_ (3)


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